Due to variations in the 2E3 range parts may vary to the illustration depending on carburettor application
Repair kits are available which contain gaskets, seal, diaphragms and needle valve. Some of the other parts are available separately. Please state carburettor reference (stamped on upper body) number or make and model of car, any questions please contact us.
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Item Description Item Description
1 Upper body 21 Tamperproof cap
2 Fuel inlet filter 22 Float chamber gasket
3 Float pin 23 Main body
4 Float 24 Part load enrichment valve
5 Needle valve 25 Secondary throttle diaphragm
6 Idle jet (primary) 26 Secondary throttle diaphragm pipe
7 Accelerator pump valve 27 Choke housing
8 Idle cut-off solenoid 28 Bi-metal choke assembly
9 Idle speed control screw 29 Choke flap
10 Mixture screw 30 Choke pull-down diaphragm
11 Accelerator pump diaphragm 31 Choke pull-down diaphragm pipe
13 Float chamber gasket 32 Roll pin
15 Vapour canister 33 Star clip
16 Fuel hose feed from pump 35 Fast idle adjustment screw
18 Main jet (primary) 36 Earth strap
19 Main jet (secondary) 37 Throttle body heater

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