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1 Body Assembly 1 11
1 Body front 51 Aluminium lid washer
1A Body rear 52 Float
2 Adaptor-auto-ignition 53 Needle and seat assembly
2A Union-auto-ignition 55 Float hinge lever
3 Gasket-adaptor-plate 56 Float hinge lever pin
46B Washer-shakeproof 60 Filter
10 Screw-adaptor 61 Banjo bolt
57 Piston lift pin 63 Fibre washer
58 Circlip-piston lift pin 64 Cap nut-float lid
59 Spring-piston lift pin . Thermostat Unit Assembly
65 Washer-neoprene-piston lift pin 69 Solenoid (12 volt )
66 Washer-brass-piston lift pin 69A Moulded end cap
. Suction Chamber and Piston Assembly 71 Plunger assembly
4 Suction chamber & piston assembly 72 Spring-accelerator needle
5 Oil cap damper assembly 73 Securing strap
8 Washer-oil cap assembly 73A Clamp screw-solenoid
7 Thrust washer-piston spring 73D Thermostat switch
9 Piston spring 73E Thermostat choke body assembly
10 Screw- suction chamber 73F Dust shield
46B Washer-shakeproof 74 Thermostat needle assembly
12 Jet needle 75 Conical spring
13 Locking screw-jet needle 76 Screw-bridge plate
. Jet Assembly 46B Shakeproof washer
15 Jet diaphragm assembly 78 Spring finger
15A Jet bearing 79 Accelerator jet -thermostat
15B Jet bearing screw . Throttle Spindle Spindle, Couplings, Couplings and Lever Assembly
15C Jet spring 81 Throttle spindle ( F C R )
Jet Housing Assembly 82 Throttle disc
22 Jet housing assembly 83 Throttle disc screws
94A Stop screw 89 Throttle lever (brass)
93 Spring-stop screw 90 Bolt (2 B.A.)-throttle lever
Slow Run Unit 37 Nut (2B.A.)-throttle lever
95 Slow run adjusting valve 38 Washer-plain
95A Gland spring 92 Throttle stop
95B Solid neoprene gland washer 91 Taper pin
95C Brass dished washer Thermostat Attachment
Float Chamber Assembly 73B Bracket-thermostat attachment
46 Float chamber ( F C R ) 61 Banjo bolt-thermostat attachment
46A Bolt-2 B.A. 66 Banjo bolt
46B Shakeproof washer 51 Washer-aluminium
47 Float chamber lid (F C R ) 73C Washer-fibre
48 Float chamber lid washer 73H Thermostat arm
50 Serrated fibre lid washer 63 Fibre washer-banjo bolt
61A Banjo bolt-float chamber 67D Fibre washer

Most parts are available separately. Repair kits, service kits and gasket packs are also available, please state carburettor reference (stamped on tag) number or make and model of car, any questions please contact us at.

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