For repair kits which contain main service items (gaskets, diaphragms, seals and needle valve) please state carburettor reference (stamped on tag) number or make and model of car.
Not all parts are available separately, any questions please contact us.
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Item Description Item Description
1 Upper body 11 Pump jet
2 Float pin 12 Air corrector and emulsion tube
3 Float 13 main jet
4 Needle valve 14 Float chamber gasket
5 idle jet 15 Choke housing
6 Bypass jet 16 Bi-metal choke assembly
7 Idle cut-off valve 17 Choke pull-down diaphragm
8 Bypass idle speed screw 18 Pull-down adjustment screw
9 Idle mixture control screw 19 Fast idle adjustment screw
10 Accelerator pump diaphragm 20 Stop screw

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