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1 Washer for damper 29 Screw & washer (long x4)
2 Bushing for damper 30 Screw & washer (long x4)
3 Retaining ring for damper 31 Float chamber gasket
4 Screw & spring washer (x4) 32 Float chamber gasket
5 Needle adjuster 33 Needle valve
6 Needle adjuster 'O' seal 34 Needle valve washer
7 Screw fixing retaining ring (x4) 35 Float
8 Retaining ring 36 Float arm pivot
9 Diaphragm 37 Starter assembly
10 Piston 38 Screw for starter assembly (x2)
11 Needle securing screw 39 Washer for starter assembly (x2)
Metering needle 40 Throttle stop screw
13 Vacuum advance take off 41 Throttle stop screw spring
14 Body 42 Starter bracket assembly
15 Screw fixing for by-pass valve 43 Clip (choke cable)
16 Washer 44 Bracket fixing screw
17 By-pass assembly 45 Throttle disc
18 Gasket 46 Throttle disc screw
19 Trimmer screw 47 Throttle spindle
20 Spring 48 Throttle return spring
21 Throttle spindle seal (x2 ) 49 Throttle stop & fast-idle lever
22 Screw fixing temp compensator 50 Lock-nut for fast-idle screw
23 Washer 51 Fast-idle screw
24 Temperature compensator 52 Tab washer
25 Sealing washer ( outer ) 53 Extension nut
26 Sealing washer ( inner ) 54 Piston spring
27 'O' ring for float chamber plug 55 Piston cover
28 Sealing plug 56 Fibre washer for damper
57 Damper

Most parts are available separately. Please state carburettor reference (stamped on tag) number or make and model of car, any questions please contact us .
Gasket packs, Needle Valve packs & Emission packs available

Adjusting Tools

Adjuster B20379
CD adjuster with hexagonal head. Locates into piston assembly,clockwise rotation raises the needle and enrichens the mixture, anti-clock wise weakens the mixture.
Adjuster B25860
CD adjuster with slotted head (1977 onwards). Locates into piston assembly, clockwise rotation raises the needle and enrichens the mixture, anti-clock wise weakens the mixture.


CD castellated jet adjuster. Locates into the jet assembly in the bottom of the float chamber. Clockwise rotation raises the jet and weakens the mixture, anti-clockwise rotation lowers the jet and enrichens the mixture.

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